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Collision Management Magazine: Tackling Asbestos

On April 1, a federal government department banned asbestos use in renovations and new construction, but it’s still in the brake pads we’re now required to handle. – Steve Fletcher Since new regulations came into effect for Ontario auto recyclers… Read full post  »

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…Your Car

A new Saskatchewan association pushes for safe automobile recycling. Saskatchewan was the last province to have a recycling association. It was time to step up and head in the right direction. After you have finished the last glass… Read full post  »

Co-operation Eases the Commodity Crunch

Over the past year, 50 metal scrapyards in North America have ceased operations and hundreds of others are stockpiling their inventories under the pretense of waiting out the downswing in prices for steel, iron ore, and other commodities,… Read full post  »