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Co-operation Eases the Commodity Crunch

Over the past year, 50 metal scrapyards in North America have ceased operations and hundreds of others are stockpiling their inventories under the pretense of waiting out the downswing in prices for steel, iron ore, and other commodities,… Read full post  »

CAREC pushes auto recyclers towards excellence

Since the Automotive Recyclers Association of Atlantic Canada (ARAAC) started requiring third party audits from its Members in 2010, the audit scores have steadily increased. At that time, the average audit score was 82%. Now, with steady improvements… Read full post  »

Industry Insiders: Steve Fletcher and Canadian Auto Recycling

We recently caught up with Steve Fletcher, Managing Director of Automotive Recyclers of Canada. Fletcher has extensive experience as an executive in this industry with a very active online presence. Below, we discuss how he brings structure into Canadian auto recycling, helping small… Read full post  »