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Auto-recyclers want to ‘level the playing field’

Did you know cars are the number one recycled product on the planet?

That’s why Chris Miller, a spokesperson for Miller’s Auto Recycling is saying companies involved in the processing of scrap metal and auto recycling need to take more consideration into the environment.

Miller said the local auto-recycler has been green-minded since it was established 50 years ago…and is worried the lack of environmental enforcement with scrap processors will continue to be a leading cause for pollution and ground contamination.

Removal of mercury switches, and the draining of fluids like gasoline and anti-freeze before scrapping a vehicle are things being done by Miller’s and the other 130 facilities associated with the Ontario Automobile Recycler’s Association (OARA), in accordance with federal laws.

But Miller feels more companies connected to the scrap steel-processing industry need to follow suit…and the laws should apply to them as well.

“We want to level the playing field…if you’re going to recycle these vehicles, do everything we have to do also,” said Miller.

And since they are not required by-law to drain vehicles of fluids or remove batteries, he attributes a lot of the contamination of our water to this.

He isn’t opposed to people taking their “end of life” vehicle directly to a processor instead of a licensed recycler to be sold, but wants everybody to be obligated to play by the same rule book.

“I would like to see the government put in some more strict rules for anyone who buys an end of life vehicle…that they have these things in place.”

Miller re-iterated the fact that environmentally-friendly auto-recycling certainly isn’t a new concept for the employees at the local business on Bowen Road. They’ve been doing it for 50 years, therefore he often asks himself why it’s taking so long for others in their sister-industry to get on the green bandwagon.

“I know for a fact a lot of these places out there aren’t doing it,” said Miller.

He did mention a program recently introduced by the Canadian government called Retire Your Ride, where people can have their vehicles picked up and recycled responsibly, with $300 rewarded to the vehicle’s owner.

Miller said the program has been receiving a great response.

“It’s been going off like gangbusters,” said Miller.

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Posted By Kris Dubé, Fort Erie Times