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Car recycling benefits all

When people think of recycling we many think of paper, cardboard or pop cans, but what about cars?

Ivan Mackey of Kool Country Towing / OK Tires has taken his business to a different level by attempting to keep as many cars out of landfills as he can.

Auto recycling is one of the biggest recyclers within the recycling business according to Ivan.

It is his goal that everything gets used nothing gets wasted from the vehicles that come through his business.

“The oil is removed, the mercury switches are all removed, we take out the battery and fuel. Nothing is left in a vehicle,” he said.

This is all done before a vehicle gets crushed.

It is now illegal according to Ivan for anyone to crush a vehicle that is considered wet. This means any vehicle that is going to be crushed must have all of the fluids removed from it before it can happen.

Ivan is a part of many associations who work together to make the industry more environmentally friendly.

“We belong to the tow association, the wrecking association and we also belong to the environmental association for wrecking,” Ivan said.

He is very open to having any inspector come and check out his yard because he does everything he can do to keep his area clean.

Ivan thinks that what he is trying to do is important for a variety of reasons.

“Recycling cars and automotive parts is important because the less that goes into out landfills or anywhere else, then the better off we will be,” and added “The big thing with the recycling is that is also beneficial for people who can not afford new parts.

“A new motor would cost maybe $4,000 whereas a recycled one can go for $1,500. The way the economy is people can not be throwing away money.”

He will not sell junk cars and feels it is important to put nothing but safe cars back on the road.

He does buy some cars but some people donate their old cars just to get rid of them.

About 600 cars go through his company every year and they all get recycled in some manner. If a car is no longer good they will crush it and have it chipped. After being chipped, the different materials that make up the car are all separated.

One other benefit from gathering older cars is that they end up helping out local fire departments.

“A lot of the vehicles we get in go to the fire departments in Invermere, Windermere and Fairmont. I look after all their cars for practice. What we do need is more cars for them so they can cut them up for practise.

“This is important for them so when the real situation occurs they will have had a lot of experience in using their equipment,” Ivan said.

By Darryl Crane – Invermere Valley Echo