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Environmental Fees Helping Recyclers

More and more Canadian Auto Recyclers are charging an environmental fee on every invoice they issue. “Green Parts” not only help preserve our environment by avoiding the production of a new part, but the very process of removing, testing and storing that part is also helpful to the environment – when done right.

Implementing a cost recovery program not only helps the bottom line directly, but the policy supports professional auto recyclers and dismantlers role as stewards of our environment.

Environmental cost recovery programs are not new in the automotive world. Chances are, every time you get an oil change, you are paying an environmental levy of some kind. Many Canadian provinces are also putting in place environmental fees when consumers buy automotive products too – tires, oil filters, batteries. Some programs return money to the recycler who collects and properly disposes of the waste, but they all raise awareness of the cost to protect our environment.

Recyclers know that there are numerous costs associated with processing vehicles the right way – in a manner that is consistent with protecting our precious environment. We need to educate all consumers, stakeholders and government agencies to ensure that they understand the severity of the issues and support the legitimate auto recycling industry.

John Logel, owner of Logel Auto Parts in Kitchener Ontario put this idea in to practice last May. Since that time they have had no negative feedback from consumers and in fact several have commented that this was a good thing. “We are only using it with our retail customers at this time – shops and insurers don’t seem ready to support our environmental efforts, but we think they will come around. These fees are very consistent with out business philosophy of being good to the environment and the community.”

Auto Recyclers should incorporate these various environmental levies across the board, so when the time comes to pay fees to dispose of certain wastes, they will not be afraid to write that cheque. Hold your head up high regarding your role in the environment. Let your community and politicians know. Tell your children you did your part in preserving their future.

David Gold from Standard Auto Wreckers in Toronto ON summed the idea up perfectly. “Cost recovery programs are just that – ‘covering costs‘ and automotive recyclers need not feel ashamed to get compensated for the safe disposal of these hazardous materials. In fact, I would suggest that it is the responsibility of each auto recycler to highlight the benefits that professional automotive recyclers contribute to their local communities, and in doing so it will become clear that costs of the services that auto recyclers provide are well worth it and of great value.”