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Tri-Industry Panel Meets to Promote Green Parts

TORONTO, ON — April 27, 2009 — A tri-industry panel meeting took place recently to discuss the best strategies to promote the use of recycled parts. The meeting drew together insurers, auto recyclers, and collision repairers.

Appropriately scheduled on Earth Day, key members of the respective industries critiqued existing marketing strategies and tactics in terms of increasing the use of Green Parts in the collision repair industry. The meeting was organized by Collision Repair magazine.

“The purpose of the meeting was to discuss current and new marketing collateral that would help further the cause,” said Darryl Simmons, publisher of Collision Repair magazine. “Whether discussing green initiatives or other matters, just having all three industries in one room and talking is going to help achieve positive results.”

The current brochure and matching poster were devised by the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA), as part of that organization’s Green Parts marketing initiative. These materials were discussed and a number of suggestions for changes were made.
The panel discussed both content and delivery of the Green Parts message, including wording, graphics and overall presentation. It was determined that there will be a brochure, a poster and an 8 1/2 by 11 stand-up card, which will be made with a recycled cardboard backing.

The panel also devised plans to educate collision repair shops and the general public about all the benefits of using Green Parts. This included the possibility of training collision shop personnel on ways order to encourage customers to choose recycled parts.

There are essentially two audiences that need increased awareness. The first group is comprised of collision repair facilities. Specific information on the value of Green Parts in terms of improved productivity through time and cost savings needs to make its way into the hands of shop owner.

The other group is motorists themselves. In order to engage the general public into learning more about Green Parts, the panel suggested visiting schools and sending promotional packages to media outlets, as well as educating customers directly at the shop level.

“I think there’s value in promoting Green Parts to our customers,” said Sam Piercey of Budds’ Collision Services in Oakville, Ontario and a member of the tri-industry panel. “Being an environmentally concerned shop can be a great marketing opportunity for us if we’re smart enough to use it the right way.”

After the meeting about messaging concluded, the attendees used the opportunity to discuss other matters. It was mentioned that the simple matter of talking around the table was a big step in improving communications and understanding.

Collision Repair magazine will be undertaking a series of such panels to promote inter-industry communications. Watch this space for more information in the near future.