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OARA Charitable Donations Surpass Million Dollar Mark

The Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA) is proud to announce its members have given more than $1,000,000 in donations in the past 18 months.

With a $25,000 donation presented by AADCO Auto Parts to the William Osler Health Care Foundation in Brampton, Ont., OARA’s total contributions sits at $1,057,989.

“I know it’s been a tough few years for charitable organizations in Ontario with the economic slowdown,” says AADCO president and OARA board member Don Fraser, “So, I’m really proud to be with an organization where the members, province-wide, have given so much to so many worthy causes.”
The donations are being made as part of OARA’s “Celebration of Auto Recycling” campaign.

Association members are giving $35 for every vehicle they acquire through the Retire Your Ride vehicle recycling program – an initiative of the federal government, Summerhill Impact and its partners.

“It really has been a win-win relationship,” says OARA’s executive director Steve Fletcher, “On one hand our association has been part of this wonderful program aimed at getting 50,000 high-polluting vehicles off the road by March 31st, 2011. And, on the other hand, money from that program has gone to help organizations like the Sick Kids Foundation, the Canadian Cancer Society, Autism Ontario, and the Sunshine Foundation of Canada just to name a few.”

OARA’s donation campaign is continuing for another few months. The association is challenging its members to raise another $400,000 before it’s over.