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How Car Companies are Hiding the Environmental Costs of Electric Vehicles

If you think electric vehicles are “greener” than conventional ones, you’re in the majority. But there’s a hidden part to this story. Electric-car makers are holding onto the right to repair their vehicles. This creates hidden costs to the environment—and your wallet

Hot Commodity

With end-of-life vehicles (ELVs) in very high demand, recyclers are getting creative when it comes to purchasing and recycling these vehicles. Whenever we jump on calls or virtual meetings today regarding the automotive recycling industry, the subject quickly… Read full post  »

Building the Canadian auto shredder map

Q&A with Steve Fletcher, Automotive Recyclers of Canada  By Keith Barker, Editor, Recycling Product News One of the final stages in recovering value from an end-of-life vehicle (ELV) occurs when the depolluted, flattened vehicle hulk is shredded by… Read full post  »

Reviews give Retire Your Ride top ratings

Recently we discussed three great reasons to use Retire Your Ride. In that blog, we highlighted the competitive, stress-free bidding process that gets you the best prices from your local certified recyclers, the pickup and payment methods we… Read full post  »