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Recyclers of the Round Table

Britain, 7th Century AD: In the two hundred years after Rome’s departure from their island, Britons have suffered from a near total collapse of their society. Invaded by Anglo-Saxons, the remaining Celtic peoples are united under the banner… Read full post  »

International: Finding common ground

I was recently interviewed by a consultant to the French government doing a formal international poll of how other countries get end-of-life vehicles into the legitimate industry’s hands as opposed to those of the unlicensed underground economy. It… Read full post  »

How It Works: Vehicle recycling

Even when a vehicle reaches the end of its life, there’s still value in it. While it’s common for people to say it “goes to the scrapyard,” it actually heads to recycling. Between metal and reusable items, about… Read full post  »

Demand for recycled parts is evolving

As vehicles become more complex, the value and demand for parts salvaged from them is changing. As vehicles and repair techniques become more complex, manufacturers are trending toward OEM certification to ensure proper techniques, data and tools are… Read full post  »