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Collaboration in the Circular Economy

Insurers, vendors and recyclers see significant benefits from working together In the automotive recycling sector, we talk a lot about the circular economy. Recyclers acquire vehicles, breaking them down into materials and parts. The materials feed production of… Read full post  »

Progressive and Proactive

Sound environmental practices are reaping big benefits for automotive recycling. Not too long ago, Stellantis released a statement assessing the benefits of using remanufactured and recycled parts in the circular economy. Although the focus of this announcement was… Read full post  »

Where Do Old Cars Go?

Here’s what happens to your vehicle once you’re finished with it. by Matt Bubbers, CAA Magazine Winter 2022 After 20 years of faithful service, imagine your beloved truck, which has covered more than 300,000 km in daily commutes,… Read full post  »