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An integrated future

As integration between collision and mechanical shops increases, auto recyclers are recognizing the need to adapt in how they do business with these shops and also each other. Integration is not without its challenges. Steve Fletcher, Managing Director… Read full post  »

The shifting paradigm of automotive recycling

Automotive recyclers are experiencing rapid shifts in everything from their business models to data integrity, inventory acquisition and customer expectations. by Caryn Smith “The automotive recycling industry has a rich 76-year history serving a vital role in the… Read full post  »

A decade of CAREC

The Canadian Auto Recyclers Environmental Code (CAREC) turned 10 this year and although there weren’t a lot of cakes cut or balloons launched, the industry continues to celebrate this program with every vehicle that is retired and decommissioned… Read full post  »

Recyclers of the Round Table

Britain, 7th Century AD: In the two hundred years after Rome’s departure from their island, Britons have suffered from a near total collapse of their society. Invaded by Anglo-Saxons, the remaining Celtic peoples are united under the banner… Read full post  »