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Auto recycling: The Circular Economy 

Understanding reduction, re-use, recycling and valorization can be a huge benefit. As of June 2017, the Association of Auto Part Recyclers in Quebec (ARPAC) has embodied the 3RV (Reduction at source, Reuse, Recycling and Valorization) Contribution as a small… Read full post  »

Auto Recyclers Spreading Awareness

Community involvement is a key strategy for many automotive recyclers. Community involvement is a way to put a human face behind auto recycling, because we remain a misunderstood industry. What better way to relate to people than with… Read full post  »

The Fate of Your Vehicle

Note: originally published in 2011 in CAA Magazine – we have made some progress in Ontario. How to ensure your old clunker doesn’t become an environmental hazard. It’s probably not something you’ve ever thought about, but where you… Read full post  »