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About the Automotive Recyclers of Canada

Formed in 1997 as an “association of associations”, the Automotive Recyclers of Canada (ARC) is the national voice of the automotive recycling industry, representing, through its provincial affiliates, 350 end-of-life vehicle (ELV) recyclers and dismantlers throughout Canada.

In addition to providing a forum for the channelling of information and addressing Canada wide concerns, we are actively involved in the leadership, promotion and betterment of the automotive recycling industry across the country, and increasingly around the world.

Over the past few years, we have developed and implemented the Canadian Automotive Recyclers Environmental Code (CAREC) to help standardize the process for recycling End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV’s) and to protect our water, air and soil from the harmful materials contained therein. This stringent Code was originally developed for Environment Canada by ARC to support the National Vehicle Scrappage Program (Retire Your Ride). It includes minimum compliance requirements to properly and legally process a vehicle, along with industry best practices and perpetual housekeeping guidance.

Modern Auto Recycling

Recycled Parts Warehouse

Progressive Auto Recycling

Forget the old “junk yard dog” image of the auto recycler. Using modern business practices and strict environmental controls, today’s recyclers provide low cost, high quality used auto parts in a way that benefits the consumer, the industry and the earth. In doing so, they help to reduce insurance rates, vehicle repair bills and staggering amounts of pollution.

  • Good for the Earth

    Good for the Earth

    Re-using quality parts from another vehicle is perhaps the purest form of recycling. Not only will you be preventing a mountain of waste from ending up in landfill, you’ll be reducing the need for new products to be manufactured. That saves energy and resources and reduces the harmful emissions that result from the manufacturing process.

  • Good for Your Wallet

    Good for Your Wallet

    You’ll significantly reduce your vehicle repair cost without sacrificing quality when you make the switch to recycled green parts. In fact, road-tested and guaranteed green parts are generally about half the price of new OEM replacement parts.

  • Good for Your Vehicle

    Good for Your Vehicle

    You can rest assured that the recycled parts you purchase will be right for your vehicle because they’re the original OEM parts made for your vehicle — the original specifications, the perfect fit, the right performance.

Retire Your Vehicle

Whether you’re looking to sell your vehicle or donating it to charity, make sure it goes to the certified ARC Recycler near you so it’s handled properly.

Contact ARC

134 Langarth Street East
London, ON N6C 1Z5

  • Steve Fletcher, Managing Director

  • 905-383-1904