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Gold Seal Program

Gold Seal Auto Recycler

What is Gold Seal?

The Gold Seal Program is a voluntary quality assurance accreditation program for ARC members that essentially guarantees high quality recycled parts, with no surprises on delivery. It utilizes a series of standards, audits and Customer Satisfaction Indexes (CSI) requirements to help ensure the best quality recycled parts are reliably provided to repairers, insurers and the motoring public.

Every ARC member is already audited to the Canadian Auto Recyclers Environmental Code (CAREC), but Gold Seal certification takes those qualified members to the next level!

Gold Seal Members lead the automotive recycling industry by implementing standards for customer service and recycled part quality based on the highest professional service goals and ethical business practices in the automotive recycling industry.

Modeled after the American Automotive Recyclers Association’s (ARA) successful Gold Seal Program, the ARC version of the business certification model plays off of the strength of the ARC recycler network and the unique characteristics of the Canadian market.

ARC is the first international association to support ARA’s efforts to enhance the auto recycling industry on a global scale.

Gold Seal Member Application

ARC members can download an application to become a Gold Seal Member.

ARC Gold Seal Professional Business Practices/ Codes

Customer Service Standards

1. Gold Seal Certified Automotive Recyclers recognize the professional automotive and collision repair industries; mechanical repair and vehicle owners are our primary customers. Collision repair and mechanical repair facilities and their customers, the owners of the vehicles being repaired, are the life blood of our business.

2. Gold Seal Certified Automotive Recyclers will uphold the highest standards of professional conduct in the Automotive Recycling Industry.

3. Gold Seal Certified Automotive Recyclers will employ and train knowledgeable people to insure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

4. Gold Seal Certified Automotive Recyclers will maintain a professional program to monitor customer satisfaction through an independent customer audit firm.

5. Gold Seal Certified Automotive Recyclers will participate in an audit process for compliance verification, as set forth by the Automotive Recyclers of Canada.

Description Standards

6. Gold Seal automotive recyclers will inventory and grade all parts using the approved Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) quality assurance codes and grading standards.

7. All parts will be described to customers with the year, make and model of the vehicle from which they were removed.

8. Descriptions, including ARA approved standards, options, part grade, whether parts are original or after market, and paint condition will be as accurate as possible to avoid surprises for the customer.

9. Gold Seal Certified Automotive Recyclers will not repair damage without the knowledge of the customer.

10. Any adjustments agreed upon between Gold Seal Certified Automotive Recyclers and repairers will be made upon inspection and request for credit by the customer.

11. Items returned for credit will be accepted for a period of at least 30 days after delivery.

Scheduling and Delivery Standards

12. Because scheduling is so important to modern repair facilities, every effort will be made to achieve promised delivery times. Any delays will be reported to the customer immediately

13. Estimators and customers will be advised at the time of quote or order, if parts must be made available through another Recycler.

14. Price quotes will include delivery.

Warranty Standards

15. All warranties will be in writing, and available to the customer at the time of purchase.

16. For mechanical parts, all applicants must offer up to a one-year parts and labour warranty.

17. For sheet metal parts, all applicants must offer a limited warranty against rust and corrosion for a year period from the date of purchase.

Business Practice Requirements

18. Open accounts are offered to all customers who meet credit standards. We will strive to make credit decisions as soon as possible after submission of a credit application.

19. Gold Seal Certified Automotive Recyclers will cooperate with repairers to obtain insurance supplements due to part availability and cost restraints.

20. Gold Seal Certified Automotive Recyclers will work with repairers in every way to minimize the number of vehicles that become total losses.

21. Accurate vehicle identification numbers will be provided for all major component parts as defined by Federal law.

22. Continued designation as a Gold Seal Certified Automotive Recycler is dependent on adhering to principles set out in this code of professionalism.

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